Blood Donation in Zichron Yaacov - Yom Kippur

Blood Donation in Zichron Yaacov - Yom Kippur

Traditional blood donors in Zichron Yaakov on Yom Kippur Eve and record breakers - over 400 blood transfusions!

When you save lives, you open the gates of heaven, and the next day when you ask for forgiveness, it is accepted.

On Tuesday, we will continue to rely on the quality blood services of MDA.

Yom Kippur eve comes again - interesting, it happens every year, and so do we, as a tradition in Zichron Yaakov donate blood to save lives.
This year the 23 for this beautiful and quality factory ... to be proud also on Memorial Day for fallen IDF soldiers.

On the eve of the previous Yom Kippur we donated "only" 270 blood transfusions on this important and short day.
Ie if between 8 in the morning and noon 2 there are only 6 hours the target currently is: 70 doses blood at least every hour!

We can Much More! We have already proved that each donation is superior to the previous one!

Tzadikim Zichron - There is no longer like us in the State of Israel who hold blood donations on this day and we are invited to save many, many lives.

This is a right and mitzvah on Yom Kippur.

Each blood donation, donated is calculated to save 3 people. So let's save more than 1,200 people.
From the point of view of existing donors and beds - that we will only arrive !!! Waiting for us with a smile and a tropical

It is recommended to arrive in the morning. There is less pressure.
What is left is to drink plenty of water and come with your friends / neighbors / family and children!

We will donate blood In a special production at "Hobbit" in the pedestrian mall at Elad Cohen.

As well as on patrol cars in the reserve, in a car on Derech Sara (near Shekem Electric opposite Psagot Zichron Mall)
In a car in the corner of Hanadiv and the pedestrian mall,
In the car in front of the successful memory
And also in the coffee shop in Pardes Hannah.

We will bring croissants to coffee makers from Coffee Cafe and the Mandri Coffee / Nili Coffee.
Please come in pairs / threes and with the children, who will tell their proud friends who participated with you in this founding event to be proud of their parents, brothers and sisters.

Blood donation = Health that creates renewal - a mitzvah for body and soul.

Being in Zichron = donating blood twice a year on critical days when no one else contributes - on Memorial Day for IDF Fallen Soldiers and Yom Kippur eve.

We will be discouraged To members of the Rotary Club In their tradition, 109 donated blood to save lives for ARS - well done !!!

And those of you who are over the age of 65 should bring a confirmation from the doctor who allows you to donate subject to regular MDA testing before the donation.

And whoever saves lives in Israel as if he saved a whole world.

Happy new year to everyone
A year of health and success.

Those who fast will have an easy fast and donors will have longevity.

In your blood is my life

Shimon Redlich Volunteer Blood Donor Organization - Honorary President
My memory in the soul - a proud volunteer.

Update on Yom Kippur, at the end of the fundraising day - 18 / 9 / 2018

True, we did not get to 400 portions in memory this year, but we broke the record and got to 330 donations on Yom Kippur this year !!!
Of which 127 women !!! 38.5%!
Great respect for the Zichronites and thanks to all those who participated in the project.

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  1. TheShimon Redlich In 16 / 09 / 2018 at 22: 15

    Beautiful and dignified ... Please update in a Rotary article contributed to the New Year's Eve 122 dishes (109 was in the past ..)

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