Privacy Statement

The following refers to both men and women and is formulated in masculine

Disclosure of personal information:

The Association of Blood Donors Volunteers in Israel RA does its utmost to avoid revealing personal details of surfers and the accumulated information while using the volunteer blood donors organization in Israel. The details to be published are those displayed on the user's page. The information may be used by us for the benefit of surfers and will not be disclosed to any third party, except:

A. Situations in which the law requires us to provide the information

B. There is a suspicion that the user has maliciously sabotaged the site or harmed surfers on the site, etc.


The volunteer blood donors website in Israel uses cookies to simplify the user's experience and to save his or her login information each time.


Please note that once you "click" on one of the links, you are "clicking" on another site, and we ask that you read the commitment to maintain privacy regarding the sites, since their commitment as stated May be different from that of volunteers in Israel.

System of Responses:

You will be required to create a social nickname, which is the name of the other participants in these public places. RA warns against giving additional personal information (such as names and addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, and credit card numbers) to strangers on the Internet, as they may use this information for damage or illegal purposes.

Intellectual Property:

All copyrights and intellectual property rights on the Site - including the name and trademarks of the Site, the design of the Site, the content published on it by the Website's system or on its behalf and any software, application, computer code, graphic file, text and any other material included therein - Only third party volunteers who have authorized the use of the same files and / or software to the operator may not copy, distribute, publicly display or transmit to any third party any part of the above without obtaining the consent of the operator in writing and in advance. The content donated by the surfers belongs to the content donor.

Contact the staff of the volunteer blood donors website in Israel RA:

For any questions you may have regarding this document or the policy of the site or the manner in which you operate the site, please contact the staff of the volunteer blood donors'Contact Us".

Use of e-mail and / or PUSH messages, etc.:

From time to time, a voluntary blood donation organization in Israel will send e-mails and / or PUSH messages, etc. to users who are registered on matters related to the site's activities.Contact Us”And ask not to receive e-mail from the site. A user can remove himself from PUSH messages by changing his browser settings.

pay attention! As long as he does not wish to remove his address from the list of surfers who receive mail from the site, the surfer will continue to receive e-mail from the site.

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