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Weight 50 kg, that allowed to excrete amount that does not exceed 10% of blood volume in the human body. (In women - 5 liters, in men - 6 liters).
Be sure to eat something light before donation and drink before and after donation. 50% of the blood volume is fluid, as soon as blood is donated, fluid is lost but by the amount of drinking lost back to the human body. If you feel bad right after the blood donation, a team of blood donors is skilled and experienced to treat such cases. (Fainting occurs not only in the absence of fluid. Occasionally an involuntary reaction)
According to the Hebrew or the Gregorian date.
Blood can be donated from age 17 to 18 with parental approval and age 18 without restriction. A parent signing form can be downloaded from here.
No, but over the age of 60, if this first donation is needed a doctor's approval. Also, over the age of 65, doctor approval is required once a year.
Your blood is checked and, after being found fit, sent to hospitals for life-saving purposes.
Pinch yourself and count to 3 and that's basically the pain. What is this pain compared to saving a human life by donating a blood dose by you?

Every three months.

This amount is up to 10% of the blood volume in the human body, this is the amount that can be taken from a healthy donor without it harming him. 50% of the blood volume are fluids that the blood donor returns to himself after drinking. The red blood cells regenerate within eight weeks, the body does not feel their lack.
The fundraising kit is sterile, the disposable needle, which is not transmitted from person to person, so there is no fear that you will be infected with any disease as a result of the fundraising operation.
Up to 20 minutes including registration, short questioning, blood pressure and hemoglobin tests and the donation itself.
All doses are tested for AIDS. The blood donation is not intended to provide answers. A person who fears that he has contracted AIDS is asked to undergo an examination at the designated centers and the workers in the large hospitals around the country. Do not donate blood to be examined, since there is a period of incubation (the "window" period) from the time of infection to finding the antibodies in the blood that can be detected in the tests. The blood services are meticulous about the quality of blood transfusions because, as is well known, the blood transfusions are transferred to a patient in a hospital requiring a dose of blood to save his life. If the answer is positive the donor is invited to the blood services for the message. The information is also forwarded to the Ministry of Health. MDA blood services can be found Only blood type.
Six months. Since there is no supervision and control over how to perform the tattoo and / or piercing and there is a danger of contracting hepatitis, AIDS and other diseases.
Two hours. At the time of contribution the blood oxygen level decreases and then basically smoking can interfere with that as is known while smoking the oxygen level decreases.
If the cause is inflammation - wait for 3 days after antibiotic treatment. "Acne" - in most cases there is no problem, but ask the person responsible for this.
Types of blood, AIDS, hepatitis B, C, syphilis (syphilis), antibody survey.
If you feel good, there is no problem.
6 should wait months after birth before blood can be donated again.
Allowed - if you have not had a seizure in the past week and if you do not take steroids. Inhaler - allowed.
Anemic people are not allowed to donate blood, anemia - refers to those people whose level of iron is low, which can be found in the hemoglobin test. Therefore, the permissible values ​​for the donation are: 12g-16g% white - 13g-18g.
It has nothing to do with it. The insurance you receive at the end of the blood donation is from Magen David Adom and provides coverage for blood donations when needed for you and your immediate family (parents, grandparents on both sides, brothers and sisters up to the age of 18) for one year.
In an emergency, when your life is in danger, there is no doubt that you will receive the necessary blood doses, but the hospital will ask you for a refund. In order to prevent running around and asking for good from friends and family, it is worth donating blood as part of MDA and being insured.
With the approval of parents who will be distributed to you at the end of the information campaign, the free telephone number of MDA is available, where you can find out the hours of operation at the MDA branches and choose to donate blood at the nearest MDA station.
Yes, strenuous exercise can be done 12 hours after blood donation.
24 can be donated for hours after treatment with a dental hygienist and 7 days after root canal / tooth extraction.
You can donate if the diabetes is balanced by diet or pills. Diabetics treated with insulin are not allowed to donate blood.
Yes, it is possible to do any strenuous exercise 12 hours after blood donation.
Blood insurance for you and your family for a year. (See details on blood donor card).
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  1. Emily

    Hey, helix is ​​also considered a piercing? And if I did it three months ago I can not come to pick up?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Indeed helix is ​​considered a piercing and one has to wait half a year before one can donate blood.

  2. light

    How can I know how much time has passed since the last donation ???

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hi Or, call 03-5300400 and they will answer your question

  3. Mary

    When and where is blood donation in Jerusalem? I did not find on the site

  4. Ophir Lev

    I wanted to ask why someone who does receive regular medication for epilepsy but has no seizures, can not donate, for what reason?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Ofir Shalom, please call 03-5300400 to find out

  5. doe

    Hey i wanted to know.
    If I drink rotten pills can I donate blood?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hi Ayala, please call 03-5300400 tomorrow morning and select

  6. Moriah

    Are blood donations of any kind still needed? Or only for those with blood type 0?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hi Moriah, not today. Possible next week if you can.

  7. May

    Hi diagnosed with ITP and currently the last treatment I received a month ago biological treatment
    Interested in donating, can I?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hi May, please call 03-5300400 to inquire

  8. Mor

    Still need O blood donations for the disaster? And if so, where can Elad be donated?

  9. farm

    Hello, on April 5th, I received a bee toxin injection and Lortadine / Lorters / Allergics. Am I allowed to donate?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Eve, face tomorrow morning to 03-5300400 and Barry

  10. Noa

    When are there donations in Ashdod?

  11. Sarah

    Can a person receiving uritex donate blood?

    1. Blood donors organization

      If you are balanced then yes

  12. Dalit

    Is it possible to donate on Saturday? On the occasion of the disaster in Meron

    1. Blood donors organization

      Dalit, Shabbat has no donations. We'll be waiting for you tomorrow.

  13. Hadar

    Can a person who has not been vaccinated donate blood?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Yes indeed. No problem donating if not vaccinated

  14. Racheli

    If I had a tooth extraction yesterday (Thursday)
    Does not hurt and does not bleed.
    Do I have to wait a week ??

    1. Blood donors organization

      Indeed, Rachel, we have to wait a week

      1. Autumn

        If I am taking antibiotics, do I have to wait 3 days after finishing the antibiotic treatment or 3 days from the time I started it?

        1. Blood donors organization

          Autumn, from the moment of completion

  15. Efrat

    Is it possible to donate on Sunday and where in the north, preferably in the Golan

  16. Nicole

    Is it possible to donate blood in the Ramla area?

  17. Improve

    Where in the Givat Zeev area

  18. Lior

    I will be happy to
    Donate blood (O-) today in Jerusalem
    Thank you for contacting me as soon as possible

    1. Blood donors organization

      Fundraising for today is over. We'll be happy to get your blood on Sunday

  19. Racheli

    Hello I have a pacemaker Am I allowed to donate blood?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Rachel, please contact me on Sunday morning at 03-5300400 and they will be happy to answer you

  20. Grace

    Hello, if I had surgery, can I donate blood?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hello, depending on which surgery. Recommend calling first on 03-5300400 and find out

  21. Tali Sela

    Is it permissible to donate blood when the TSH value is above the norm? (Hypothyroidism).

    1. Blood donors organization

      Tali, your GP can answer that. Or on Sunday at 03-5300400

  22. Jean

    Why is smoking forbidden after a blood donation?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Janet, please call 03-5300400 tomorrow morning and they will be happy to answer you

  23. Roni

    Is it possible to donate blood after a corona vaccine? And after returning from abroad?

    1. Blood donors organization

      It is no problem to donate after vaccination. After returning from abroad, the restrictions of the purple character apply. If you are vaccinated you can donate according to the limitations of the purple character and depending on which country you are from

  24. Esther

    In the prenatal period can be donated?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Esther, your doctor will answer. In general it is allowed but the doctor determines.

  25. poetry

    I wanted to ask if I could donate blood even though it had been a little less than three months
    Or is it really critical for three whole months

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hi Shira, you can also come in two months and 3 weeks and undergo a hemoglobin test that if found normal you can donate.

  26. Hadas

    Hello, The list of places to donate does not work. I live in the Ramat Gan-Bnei Brak area. Where can I donate? I am 20 years old, not vaccinated, this is the first time I will donate, is there anything I need to know or prepare before?

    1. Blood donors organization

      The list only works for sure that if you are browsing the phone it is done in a Chrome browser and not the default of the phone.
      You can contribute in many places in the center. You should arrive with a mask, after a good meal and drink and of course be healthy and free of any diseases.
      You can find out more details at: 03-5300400

  27. sparrow

    It's just funny that when you choose the location of the fundraising sites on the site, it says that the page is not there. That's your essence, isn 't it?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Dror, can you explain exactly what you're looking for? Immediately? computer? On which page?

  28. Sarah

    Hello, I go to the page of daily donation points and I do not see any content, I wanted to know when there is blood donation again in the Beit Shemesh area.

    1. Blood donors organization

      Sarah, are you logging in from your phone's default browser? Try Google Chrome.
      This is what you have in the area

      Srigim, Srigim-li on



      Neve Ilan

      Neve Ilan, Beit Ha'am



      Head of flint

      Rosh Tzurim, Beit Midrash Club




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