Celebrate 600 blood donations by the Glernter family

The Glernter family and the Blood Bank team

Moshe Glernter, how do you begin to describe the man and act?

So let's start with his wife, Nechama, who according to Moses is the spirit of living in the family when it comes to volunteering.
Moshe, 75, began donating blood in 1988 and donated 305 Blood transfusion And blood components until forced to stop donating for a health reason.

Moshe, an economist by profession, a regular blood donor and a member of a blood donation organization in Israel, also recruited the rest of his family to the important cause of blood donations.

Donated to make the 600th family donation

Donated to make the 600th family donation

In honor of the 600th blood donation On June 4, 6, the Glenter family came to the MDA Blood Services Center in Tel Hashomer, where a short ceremony was held in their honor.
This time his son - Finney Glernter, his granddaughter - her father Glernter, and Chazi Koren's grandfather of her father.

Moses schedules plasma donors

Moses schedules plasma donors

Moshe is a regular volunteer in MDA's Blood Services and is particularly active in the Plasma and Phrasis Unit in the Donation Unit.
In June 2015 Moses celebrated his 70th birthday in MDA's blood services by donating his 300th!

Among his activities, Moshe Gelernter, for over 40 years, devotes the best of his time and energy For making secular boys into the bar mitzvah. Many of them keep in touch with him and Judaism.
Among his students were also the sons of MK Yossi Sarid And the sons of Orna and Moshe Datz And many others.
Moshe says about this in this video:

On the occasion of the 600 blood donation, Moshe and her granddaughter, her father, were hosted in Avner Gilad and Tali Metz's "The Morning World" studio, and talked about the experiences from the event, including how to reach 13 blood donations in one family.

Director of Blood Services at MDA, Prof. Eilat Shinar, Who attended the current event on the occasion of the family's 600th donation, said of Moses in 2015 when he made his 300th donation:

"Moses is an example of pure giving to save the lives of many people who need blood treatment and without it they will not live. For the education and youth education in schools about the importance of blood donations.

At this year's event, Prof. Shinar said:

“Moses was one of the best and most special people we met. A person who gives everything to others, who gives Personal example To his family and many of his friends and is constantly saving lives. Hundreds of blood donations from all members of the family allowed us, in MDA's blood services, to help 1,800 patients across the country who needed blood transfusions to save their lives. At the time of the Corona crisis, the importance of plasma donation became particularly significant, with the aim of helping care for the severely ill and of preparing and preparing for the next wave. Dr. Karl Landsteiner, who discovered the types of blood and thus earned his birthday around the world on the day of blood donation, would have been happy to know that there are special people like the Glernter family. "

Prof. Eilat Shner with Nechama and Moshe Glernter

Prof. Eilat Shner with Nechama and Moshe Glernter

MDA CEO, Eli Bin, He said in the same event in 2015:

"It is said that all saves one soul as if they saved a whole world. In Moshe's case, it can be said that he saved many worlds and I hope that many more will follow in Moshe's way. I wish Moshe a lot of health and happiness for many more years and be happy to continue to donate blood with his entire family. On behalf of the Magen David Adom organization, I thank Moshe for his great contribution to saving the lives of many people in the State of Israel. "

Family members donate

Family members donate

We asked Moses To tell us about his experiences from the 600th fundraiser:

"It was an unforgettable experience, a very exciting event. It was the first time since the Corona broke out that we met all family members together.
We are 7 people who have made 600 donations together. Benny Nati made 120 donations, Finney about 70, Israel aged 51, Hagai 49 and grandchildren, Elad 9 donations and her father made her second donation at age 17.5.
For everyone, it comes from their own initiative and perseverance. "

Moshe adds:

“Until the age of 73, I have been contributing regularly since the 80s. Unfortunately, due to a hearty event and sugar problems, I am unable to donate anymore. However, I found another way to help MDA and in the Corona crisis I volunteered in the organization and recruited other blood donors. I feel I did mine - I was able to educate the next generation and now my grandchildren are contributing with their initiative and with great willingness. ”

“I started donating regularly when I was told about a baby in need of urgent blood donation. The story really excited me and I immediately wanted to contribute. This week, my young granddaughter donated her first batch of blood, which marked 600 doses of blood on the Glenter family. It is an exciting symbolism of the continuation of generations and the continuity of giving.

“To my delight, there is no one in the family who is afraid of needles. I thank God for leading me to this endeavor and I am grateful to have been able to help. Most important to me is that my children and the next generation, grandchildren, go my way and contribute nonstop. Each has donated dozens of doses of blood and they do not intend to stop. I consider the donation a supreme value and hope my story will serve as an example to others. ”

Her 17.5 year old father She added that it was very exciting and she felt it was part of something big and important that contributes to a lot of people and saves lives.

Moses, you And your family is an example and example of every home in Israel in your practice and in your contribution.

Show a blessing.

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