Doante to the organization

The organization of blood donors is built on volunteers only and does not enjoy the funding of any party.

We are currently volunteering to develop an app for blood donor organization members and all blood donors.

In this app, you can record your blood donations, get updates when your blood is needed, look for daily blood donation points, track fundraising goals, contact us and more.
This is a value-added app for you, the blood donors!

In order to complete the development of the application, we need a donation of NIS 7500.

We will be happy to donate to you by clicking on the amount you would like to donate.

You can donate via PayPal:

Donate 20 NIS 

Donate 50 NIS 

Donate 100 NIS 

Donate 180 NIS 

You can donate directly to our bank account:

Postal Bank (09)
Branch (001)
Account number: 08432293
Account Name: Volunteer Blood Donor Organization

A check can be mailed to:

Blood donors organization
Blood Services Center
Tel Hashomer 5262000

You can donate money to the organization by telephone at the organization's secretariat at several 03-5300468.
You can also contact us by email [email protected] Or bFacebook Messenger.

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