The organization of blood donors is built on volunteers only and does not enjoy the funding of any party.

However, there are activities and services that require payment to a third party, and for this purpose we occasionally need external financial donations.

You can donate via PayPal - PayPal:

Donate NIS 20

Donate NIS 50

Donate NIS 100

Donate NIS 180

You can donate directly to our bank account:

Postal Bank (09)
Branch (001)
Account #: 08432293
Account Name: Volunteer Blood Donor Organization

A check can be mailed to:

Blood donors organization
Blood Services Center
Tel Hashomer 5262000

You can donate money to the organization by telephone at the organization's secretariat at several 03:5300468.
You can also contact us by email [Email protected] Or bFacebook Messenger.

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