Where to donate blood throughout the country?

Here is a list and map of daily blood donation points around the country.
The regular MDA stations are painted pink. First donation over the age of 60 and re-donation over the age of 65 can only be donated at these stations.
Type in the search bar the name of the city you would like to donate at and select it from the list. 
Also select a date range. There is no obligation to select both fields.
Questions about the donation? Something is not clear? All the answers are here in the link.
Donors ages 17-18 need parental approval found HERE.

The map is updated every 15 minutes.
pay attention! Sometimes there are changes - check the website or by phone before you go to donate.

Big thanks toOrian Schechter Who volunteered to the organization and developed the map interface for us 🙏🏼
Thanks also toMoshe Feuchtunger Who contributed the save feature to Google Calendar.

pay attention!

Donations are made in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health for dealing with the corona virus, according to which recovering blood can be donated and those who have been exposed to the verified, as follows:

✅ Verified corona patients will be able to donate blood after 7 days of receiving confirmation of recovery

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