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The Association of Blood Donors Volunteers in Israel was founded in Tel Aviv on the year of 1936 during the bloody riots, when the people of Tel Aviv felt the need to create a pool of volunteers willing to donate blood at all times to the wounded who were evacuated from all parts of the country to the only Jewish hospital in the area - Today the organization counts over 11,000 members.
The Association of Blood Donors Volunteers in Israel works alongside MDA blood services, which collect 270,000 blood donations from volunteer donors every year, and do so without any real consideration (about 1,000 blood units per day). Blood donations in Israel.

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Why we're asking for blood donations all year long?

In fact, it was possible to locate many people in the operation and a region of blood that would suffice for a long period of time.

Right? Not true!

Platelets have three components: red blood cells that can be stored up to 35 days, platelets that can store 5 days and plasma that can be frozen for up to a year and a half so there is no need for many donors at once but blood donations throughout the year.

How many and why?

In order to meet the increasing demands of the Israeli health system, 1000 should be administered daily.

Blood donations in Israel are performed by the MDA Blood Services, in order to provide all the hospitals in Israel with all the blood components necessary for the care of the sick and the wounded, in routine and in times of emergency.

It is not yet possible to produce blood in the laboratory, so blood has no substitute, So that only a blood donation from one person can save another.

Why is volunteering donation so important?

In order to increase the safety and quality of the blood, it is very important that the blood donation be given voluntarily and without any financial consideration. Volunteer donors provide reliable information about their lifestyle and medical problems that may be harmful to patients receiving the dose. It is important to know that there is complete confidentiality of the information you provide, as well as the results of tests performed in the packet.

So where to donate?

Great question.

The answer to it is right here on the site.

Click on this link and you will reach the list of daily stations.

As of the end of the year, 2017 volunteers are active in 11,636.

In 2017, 7,060 members donated blood and its components to save lives.

Of which: 6,646 blood units and platelet 414.

The story of Aviv's contribution

I do not even remember my first contribution. I performed it according to the drawings about two weeks after 18's birthday, at Zion Square in Jerusalem ...

The story of Anat's donation

All my life I was afraid of needles and blood tests, so blood donation was never an option for me. After the birth, which passed peacefully, there was bleeding ...

The story of Shimon's donation

At 1965 he came from Ramat Gan on his bicycle to donate blood at Tel Hashomer Hospital, after his mother told him that the owner of the laundry ...

The story of Ron's contribution

Somewhere in the mid-eighties, I was a soldier of 20. I suffered from hemorrhage in the digestive tract (a bleeding stomach ulcer). Not that I knew it ...

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