Michal Sprout Margolis has been organizing for the fifth year, donating blood to her mother.
Here is Michal's story about this fundraising event.

Sarah Margolis is my mother. She contracted cancer in 2012, Noonan Hawkins Lymphoma. During her treatments, we experienced the amount of blood doses that cancer patients receive.

During her bone marrow donation, we were exposed to another phase - literally asking each family to arrange platelet donors and blood packets. Because if there is a single donor that does this, the platelet dose is more quality.

And then we generally discovered the huge shortage of blood in Israel, of all kinds, especially in the summer - that people are not in work places to donate, that people walk around the malls but will not stop donating blood because they are with the children and other reasons.

In the summer of 2014, I celebrated 32 and organized a blood donation at Magen David's Blood Bank in Tel Hashomer (which turns out to be a separate blood bank in Tel Hashomer and there are various blood systems, from hospitals and MDAs).

The blood donation at the time was at the mark of 32 = heart in the geometry, and everyone who came to donate received heart-shaped choppers and a luxurious breakfast. Of course, many of my donors were friends of my mother who came to donate for her.

Less than a month later, unfortunately, my mother died of a rare allergic reaction to platelets (one of the blood components) - a system failure within 3-4 hours and she was not with us.

Since then, every year we dedicate blood to her. Because she was a person of her actions and community. And we wanted to bring out something positive,

Until a year ago, we would put the indulgence position only on Tel Hashomer and we reached about 30 donors (out of about 40-50 who come but find that not everyone can contribute).

Last year, we made our first stand in Ashkelon, in the community of Eternal Israel, and another 25 donor arrived.

I do not come from the field, I am agronomic at all. I got into it because of my mother and that I was exposed to this world. So every year in June, I start posting, opening an event, sending out watsaps, and hopefully as many people as possible come along. And this year's goal is to increase exposure through the media to bring a greater number of people who will come to donate.

So far Michal's story.
Below is a collection of photos from the exciting fundraising event that took place on 23 / 7 / 2019

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