We, at the organization ask you to volunteer for additional positions.
The roles are:

Training - The organization's volunteers provide instruction to twelfth graders that precedes the blood donation held at the school.

Group leaders - Responsible for a squad of 20-25 active donors, contact them by phone before the Tishrei and Passover holidays and invite them to donate. After all - there is no substitute for a personal relationship. 

Interrogators - After the blood donor fills out a questionnaire that precedes the blood donation, he passes into the hands of the questioner who goes through important details from the questionnaire and is impressed by whether there is a reason that prevents the donor in front of him from donating blood.

Donation Supporters - The blood bank conducts blood donations in various places around the country beyond the regular donation stations, the donation supporter is responsible for the initial response to potential donors, organizational and logistical assistance at the donation station and is a critical link in the success of the donation.

It is important to note that the frequency of volunteering depends mainly on the volunteer's willing to volunteer.
The volunteer must be a member of the organization and to become a member of an organization, only one blood donation is sufficient.

So to which role would you like to volunteer?

Fill out the form here on the page and we will get back to you.

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