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I do not even remember my first contribution.

I performed it according to the drawings about two weeks after 18's birthday, at Zion Square in Jerusalem.

I remember the car, apparently, because I contributed to it several more times. Although I do not remember a specific talk about blood donation, at home and at school I was certainly taught to give to others.

Blood donation always seemed to me like a wonderful giving, full of contradictions: on the one hand you see and feel that something has really come out of you, and on the other hand, within a few days you remain without shortage - getting everything back.

On the one hand you share something very personal, and on the other hand you have no idea who it will come to.

On the one hand it is a "light" contribution to performance that does not cost you at all, and on the other hand it can give someone the most precious thing of all, his life.

Therefore, of all the donations, it seems to me the most obvious - as long as I am fit, it is clear that I will continue to contribute.

The story of Anat from Ramat Gan

This is the moving story of Anat, an 34 girl from Ramat Gan who has become an active blood donor.

And so she tells us: All my life I was afraid of needles and blood tests, so blood donation was never an option for me.

After the birth, which passed peacefully, there was bleeding and explained to me that I should get 2 blood transfusions. I realized that fatness of the blood would improve my condition because I was very tired, with headaches due to low hemoglobin, and most importantly - without the ability to breastfeed.

It turns out that in countries as distant as Africa, it is a privilege to receive blood. That's what they explained to me.

After receiving the blood transfusions, the improvement was rapid and significant, the recovery was much easier, I went back to nursing, and I felt I was back to myself. If I had not received the blood, the recovery would have taken months.

Since then, it has been two years and every birthday of my son, I decided that my celebration is to go and donate blood, and I do so with a great smile and a sense of tremendous mission. I strongly recommend that everyone approach and contribute. It will change your life and my life so in need of donations.

The story of Shimon Redlich

At 1965, a boy arrived from Ramat Gan on his bicycle to donate blood at Tel Hashomer Hospital

After his mother told him that the owner of the laundry in the neighborhood was sick and needed blood.

Shimon Redlich and the blood donation 100

Shimon Redlich and the blood donation 100

When he finished contributing, the clerk in charge of the records arrived and began asking the donor about his personal details ... his name ... date of birth, etc.

When he told her that he was born in April 1949 all the station workers stood up and were on the market - what? Boy 16 boy donated blood !!!!! !!!!! It is against the law and regulations !!

Oh well ... it went well after they filled it with a jug of water.

and then...

An elderly lady who answered "Nechama Berlinsky" initiated a place to examine this child's blood type.

When he turned out to be a rare B- she asked him if he was willing to join the list that has in her pocket with 250 more people and call him when it needs blood.

Well, the boy agreed in the place and joined the Blood Donor Organization, which was founded at 1936 in Tel Aviv.

He later served as secretary of the organization and then chairman for many years with rich activities and is now an honorary president with personal contributions 103.

Because this boy is me ... Shimon Redlich.

The story of Ron Fishbine

Somewhere in the mid-eighties, I was a soldier of 20. I suffered from hemorrhage in the digestive tract (a bleeding stomach ulcer).

Not that I knew it, but with every passing day I felt more and more weak, because I did not want to burden my colleagues with the unit. I did not go to the clinic until my commander made me do it.

All in all I arrived at a hospital with hemoglobin 6.2 and received 4 blood transfusions.

At that moment I made up my mind that debts must be returned, it is not that until then I did not contribute, I contributed but only one blood ration a year.

But since then I have been contributing several times a year and now 30 a year after the counter stands for 68 donations and hopefully for many more donations.

The story of Ron Ben Yehuda, son of 18.5

Ron Ben Yehuda, The Blood Bank, TAHASH, 24-06-2019


I was born to a father who from a young age told me that to donate blood is important and even took me with him to several donations. When he showed me his blood donation card, I was amazed to discover a large number of donations. I saw on his donation card that there was room to register 150 donations and at that moment I promised myself that I would achieve this goal.

Today, 24 / 6 / 2019, I contributed For the fifth time Blood and accident were excited about my arrival because an urgent order of blood of my kind had arrived. I do not have a rare blood type, which shows that all blood is needed. Do a favor to someone random and to yourself, you will find a day without action and jump on a short half hour drive to the blood bank near your home, both healthy and life-saving.

I too donated blood and saved human life!

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