Organization By-Laws

Updated May 2005.
New policies will be published soon.


                                                                       Updated for general meeting May 2005


Blood donors in Israel

Case No. 58-010-604-5

Public Institution 55-010-604-1

Address: Volunteer Blood Donor Organization

MDA Blood Services Center

Tel Hashomer 52621

All one soul sustains as if there is a full world

  1. God: Organization of Volunteer Blood Donors in Israel (hereinafter the "Organization").


  1. Objectives of the organization:

A. Organize volunteer blood donors and expand the organization's lines according to their blood needs, people's health and medical advancement in Israel.

B. Organize unique blood groups.

C. Work to promote volunteering in the Israeli public for donating blood donations at no cost.

D. Establish any additional institution within this association to advance the goals of the organization.

* ATD will operate in cooperation with MDA in Israel / Blood Services.


  1. The assets and revenues of the organization are used solely for its purposes and the sharing of profits or benefits in any form, among the members of the organization, is prohibited.


  1. In the event of liquidation, the property of the enterprise shall be transferred to another public institution within the meaning of section 9 (2) of the Income Tax Ordinance, and shall not be distributed among the members of the organization.


  1. Membership of the organization:

A. The signatories to these bylaws as well as all those registered in the organization register are members of the association.

B. Any person over the age of 18 whose application to join the organization has been approved by an admissions committee.

third.    The organization consists of:

1) New active members - who donate blood according to the organization's guidelines and not yet Donated 10 doses of blood since joining the organization.

2) Regular active members - who donate blood according to the organization's guidelines and have donated over 10 blood units since joining the organization.

3) Retired member - an active member who has reached the age of 65 or is unable to continue donating blood for approved medical reasons, if he has donated at least 10 doses of blood.

4) Honorable Member - Member, activist or retiree Who was awarded this title by the management of the organization due to an extraordinary action to advance the goals of the organization.


  1. The rights of each member of the organization: 

A. Eligible for membership in organization.

B. Is entitled to wear the organization's logo.

third. Eligible to attend and vote at any general meeting and to have one vote in each vote.

D. May be elected and elected to all institutions of the organization at any general meeting.

God. Eligible to participate in the organization's activities and enjoy its services.

and. Entitled to personal blood insurance and close family members - Spouse, children, parents of both spouses.


  1. Duties of each member of the organization:

A. Donate blood voluntarily according to the organization's guidelines and not in order to receive a return.

B. To fulfill all the goals of the organization.

third. Pay membership fees approved at the general meeting.

 D. Not to conduct any political activity between the members of the organization and its ranks.


  1. Membership expiration:

A. Membership in the organization expires:

 1) The death of the friend.

 2) 30 days after the member has given written notice to the committee of his resignation from the organization.

 3) In removing him from the organization.

B. The general meeting may, on the proposal of the committee, decide on the expulsion of a member from the organization for one of the following reasons:

1) The member does not comply with the provisions of the articles of association or a resolution of the general meeting.

2) The member acts contrary to the goals of the organization.

3) The member did not pay the organization what belongs to the organization from him.

4) The member was convicted of a disgraceful offense.

5) After the end of 30 months since the last blood donation of the friend. This provision will not apply if the friend's avoidance of blood donation was due to an approved cause.

third. The committee shall not propose to a general meeting to expel a member from the organization until after it has given him an adequate opportunity to present its arguments before it, and shall not propose for the reasons stated in sub-regulation b) 1,2, 3 or 5 or XNUMX unless it has warned the member and given him reasonable time to correct the distortion.


  1. Messages to a friend:

A. An invitation, demand, notice and other notice of the organization to a member will be given to him in writing which will be delivered to him by hand or sent by regular mail to his address listed in the members' register.

B. At the written request of the member, the organization will change its address listed in the members' register.

third. A call for blood donation will be made in person. The call can be made by any means of communication (facsimile, e-mail, telephone, cell phone, messaging SMS, and so').


  1. General Assembly:

A. The day, time and place of a general meeting shall be determined by the committee.

B. Representatives will be squad leaders who will be asked to inform members of the annual meeting. Board members, members of incumbent committees, and those who were board members in previous periods will also be invited. Members with a valid certificate will be able to attend and there will also be an announcement about the date of the meeting depending on the organization's offices.

third. A general meeting will be convened by notice given to representatives two weeks in advance, specifying the day, time, place and agenda for the meeting.

D. An ordinary general meeting will hear laws and accounts of the committee's activities and the audit committee's actions, discuss them and the financial statements submitted to it by the committee, decide on their approval and select a committee and audit committee.

God. The general meeting will not open if not at least one tenth of the number of representatives of the organization was present, if it was present at the opening of the meeting it may continue its deliberations and make decisions .

and. A general meeting will elect from among the current members of the organization the chairman and secretary of the meeting.

P. Resolutions of the General Assembly shall be passed by a majority of votes. If there are equal votes, the chairman of the meeting may decide, the secretary of the general meeting will manage the details of the meeting.


  1. Committee:

A. The number of members of the committee shall be determined at the general meeting and shall not be less than two.

B. 1) The committee will serve from the time it is elected at the general meeting For two years unless Another General Assembly will elect a new committee. An outgoing member can be elected to the new committee.

      2) A member of the committee may resign at any time from his office by written notice to the committee. The committee member will cease to hold office if he is declared incompetent or bankrupt.

third. If a member of the committee is vacated, the remaining or the remaining one may appoint a member of the organization to fill his place until he returns to fulfill his duties.

D. The committee may regulate the date of its meetings, the invitation to them, the quorum required at them and the manner in which they are conducted.

God. The decisions of the committee will be made by a majority of the votes cast, if the votes were equal - no vote was taken. The decision of all members of the committee unanimously may also be made without the meeting of the committee.

and. The committee will manage the details of its meetings and decisions.

P. The committee may authorize two or more of its members to sign on behalf of the organization documents that will bind it, and to perform on its behalf actions that are within its area of ​​authority.


  1. The Audit Committee:

A. The provisions of Regulations 11B to 11F above shall also apply to the Audit Committee.

B. The Audit Committee will examine the financial affairs of the organization and the books of accounts and will present before the General Assembly their recommendations regarding the matter of financial reporting.


  1. No person shall simultaneously serve as a member of the Committee and as a member of the Audit Committee and / and the Disciplinary Committee, and no member of the Organization shall serve on two committees simultaneously.


  1. The address of the organization:                                       

Organization of volunteer blood donors in Israel

Magen David Adom Blood Services Center

 Tel Hashomer 52621


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