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Weight 50 kg, that allowed to excrete amount that does not exceed 10% of blood volume in the human body. (In women - 5 liters, in men - 6 liters).
Be sure to eat something light before donation and drink before and after donation. 50% of the blood volume is fluid, as soon as blood is donated, fluid is lost but by the amount of drinking lost back to the human body. If you feel bad right after the blood donation, a team of blood donors is skilled and experienced to treat such cases. (Fainting occurs not only in the absence of fluid. Occasionally an involuntary reaction)
According to the Hebrew or the Gregorian date.
Blood can be donated from age 17 to 18 with parental approval and age 18 without restriction. A parent signing form can be downloaded from here.
No, but over the age of 60, if this first donation is needed a doctor's approval. Also, over the age of 65, doctor approval is required once a year.
Your blood is checked and, after being found fit, sent to hospitals for life-saving purposes.
Pinch yourself and count to 3 and that's basically the pain. What is this pain compared to saving a human life by donating a blood dose by you?

Every three months.

This amount is up to 10% of the blood volume in the human body, this is the amount that can be taken from a healthy donor without it harming him. 50% of the blood volume are fluids that the blood donor returns to himself after drinking. The red blood cells regenerate within eight weeks, the body does not feel their lack.
The fundraising kit is sterile, the disposable needle, which is not transmitted from person to person, so there is no fear that you will be infected with any disease as a result of the fundraising operation.
Up to 20 minutes including registration, short questioning, blood pressure and hemoglobin tests and the donation itself.
All doses are tested for AIDS. The blood donation is not intended to provide answers. A person who fears that he has contracted AIDS is asked to undergo an examination at the designated centers and the workers in the large hospitals around the country. Do not donate blood to be examined, since there is a period of incubation (the "window" period) from the time of infection to finding the antibodies in the blood that can be detected in the tests. The blood services are meticulous about the quality of blood transfusions because, as is well known, the blood transfusions are transferred to a patient in a hospital requiring a dose of blood to save his life. If the answer is positive the donor is invited to the blood services for the message. The information is also forwarded to the Ministry of Health. MDA blood services can be found Only blood type.
Six months. Since there is no supervision and control over how to perform the tattoo and / or piercing and there is a danger of contracting hepatitis, AIDS and other diseases.
Two hours. At the time of contribution the blood oxygen level decreases and then basically smoking can interfere with that as is known while smoking the oxygen level decreases.
If the cause is inflammation - wait for 3 days after antibiotic treatment. "Acne" - in most cases there is no problem, but ask the person responsible for this.
Types of blood, AIDS, hepatitis B, C, syphilis (syphilis), antibody survey.
If you feel good, there is no problem.
6 should wait months after birth before blood can be donated again.
Allowed - if you have not had a seizure in the past week and if you do not take steroids. Inhaler - allowed.
Anemic people are not allowed to donate blood, anemia - refers to those people whose level of iron is low, which can be found in the hemoglobin test. Therefore, the permissible values ​​for the donation are: 12g-16g% white - 13g-18g.
It has nothing to do with it. The insurance you receive at the end of the blood donation is from Magen David Adom and provides coverage for blood donations when needed for you and your immediate family (parents, grandparents on both sides, brothers and sisters up to the age of 18) for one year.
In an emergency, when your life is in danger, there is no doubt that you will receive the necessary blood doses, but the hospital will ask you for a refund. In order to prevent running around and asking for good from friends and family, it is worth donating blood as part of MDA and being insured.
With the approval of parents who will be distributed to you at the end of the information campaign, the free telephone number of MDA is available, where you can find out the hours of operation at the MDA branches and choose to donate blood at the nearest MDA station.
Yes, strenuous exercise can be done 12 hours after blood donation.
24 can be donated for hours after treatment with a dental hygienist and 7 days after root canal / tooth extraction.
You can donate if the diabetes is balanced by diet or pills. Diabetics treated with insulin are not allowed to donate blood.
Yes, it is possible to do any strenuous exercise 12 hours after blood donation.
Blood insurance for you and your family for a year. (See details on blood donor card).
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  1. Yai

    Is it allowed to donate blood a month and a half after a plasma donation?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Yes, the limit is 30 days after plasma

  2. Her father

    Hello, where can you see what medications other than antibiotics do not allow you to donate blood?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Her father, it's best to call 03-5300400 in the morning and they will answer you.

      1. Asaf

        Is it possible to play football after the donation?

        1. Blood donors organization

          It is advisable to avoid sports for 8 hours after the donation.

        2. Container

          Is it possible to donate blood after a corona vaccine?

          1. Blood donors organization

            Yes, there is no problem

  3. Leah

    I wanted to know how long after isolation you can come to donate blood?

    1. Blood donors organization

      14 days after a second negative test, or 14 days after the end of isolation.

  4. Andrei Zesda

    Do you also undergo a serological examination while organizing blood donors?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hello Andrei, No, MDA does not perform a serological examination during the blood donation

  5. Leah

    How long after the second vaccination can you come to donate blood?

    1. Blood donors organization

      It is possible immediately the next day if you feel good and there are no side effects

      1. ישראל

        How long after a blood test can a donation be made?

        1. Blood donors organization

          Israel, there is no time limit

        2. Yotam

          I donated blood, I do not currently have tattoos. I can get another tattoo in about two weeks, right? There is no connection between first donating and then getting a tattoo?

          1. Blood donors organization

            True Yotam, there is no connection. After the tattoo you will not be able to donate for half a year.

  6. Little

    How long from the day of the blood donation, the body regenerates and returns the pint they took me? (How long after can a blood test be done?)

    1. Blood donors organization

      Little, we saw you sent an email too. You will receive an orderly answer by email.

    2. Abraham Levib

      As an American student, where can I donate?

      1. Blood donors organization

        Hi Abraham, you've been answered by the chat.

  7. Sarah

    I donated and received a number to find out the blood type. Is it possible to find out through a website or something?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hi Sarah, just call 03-5300400

  8. splendor

    A. Well done for renewing the site so you can locate by donation location.
    B. Is there a ban on donating blood several days after a corona vaccine?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hi Ziv,

      Thank you for the compliments.
      There is no prevention to donate if you have no side effects

  9. Hadas

    I have a number of questions: 1) If I did a Corona Pfizer vaccine first dose when can I donate blood? And after a second dose how long will I have to wait until I can donate blood? Is there a difference in the time to wait for a blood donation between the Pfizer vaccine and Modernana and the other vaccines that will arrive in the country?
    2) My friend is interested in donating blood but she has a fracture in her hand and they had stitches removed in her leg. How long will you have to wait until you can donate?
    3) Technical question- in the past I sent a question to the system and the day I tried to send again it did not allow me to send with the same name and I sent 2 questions it deleted them for me why?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hadas Shalom,
      Regarding 1 - If you have no side effects there is no problem donating blood.
      Regarding 2 - ask her doctor
      Regarding 3 - the system does not display the references automatically. They need to be approved. You probably had an abnormal face for some reason. This time you sent 6 times in a row. This is also a reason for blocking and deleting.

  10. Yael Cohen

    Why is it not possible to donate blood if you have insulin-treated diabetes?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Yael, feel free to ask your doctor or call 03-5300400 and you will receive an answer

  11. Eli

    Anyone with hemorrhoids can donate plasma {I recover corona}

    1. Blood donors organization

      Eli, please call tomorrow morning at 03-5300400 to find out

  12. Sarah

    I wanted to ask where it is possible to donate blood closest to Beit Shemesh in the near future,
    And what is the difference between a donation to this organization and a regular donation at MDA?
    And how it will be possible to find out the blood type.

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hello Sarah,
      To search for donation stations, please check here:
      The Blood Donor Organization encourages blood donations and does not make its own donations but refers to MDA stations for blood donations.

  13. Mandy

    Yesterday I donated blood and they said I was getting an antibody test on the way Is it really?

    1. Blood donors organization

      We do not know about it.

  14. Autumn

    I take year pills, I can still donate blood

    1. Blood donors organization

      Please call tomorrow morning at 03-5300400 to find out

  15. Autumn

    With I want to go out with girlfriends right after I finish donating blood I can

    1. Blood donors organization

      Fall, go out and spend the intention? As long as you feel good, drink and eat and do not exercise and follow the instructions, there is no problem.

  16. Roni

    Hi question, if someone smoked cannabis 20 days ago, and is not a regular smoker, is he allowed to donate?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hello Roni, if several days have passed since smoking, no problem.

  17. Nati

    Anyone who is in the blood of Karuna's nudity will be notified to invite him to donate plasma.

    1. Blood donors organization

      No, the blood has not been tested for antibodies in a normal blood donation as it has not yet been found that corona is transported in the blood.

      1. Adi

        Hello, how long after a blood donation is it allowed to drink alcohol?

  18. Dina

    Hello I wanted to know if it is possible to donate if you weigh 48.9 kg?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hello Dina, you can donate from a weight of 50 kg or more

  19. Gittel

    Can I decide who I want to donate to (by nationality)

    1. Blood donors organization

      Gittel, there is no such option.

  20. other

    Donates blood and after about 14 hours goes to do blood tests.
    Is it possible?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hello second, yes, possible

  21. Shmuel

    I want to donate blood, and if I have corona antibodies I want to be given to Corona patients, will they have a surgeon test done for that?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hello Shmuel, Serological tests are not performed during a normal blood donation.

  22. Avishag

    On the day of the donation is the donor allowed to eat before?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Not only is it allowed, it is advisable to arrive after a good meal and drinking plenty of water.

  23. H

    I wanted to ask if there is a problem donating blood if I am a vegetarian ??

    1. Blood donors organization

      There is no problem as long as your hemoglobin, which will be checked before the donation, is normal and you weigh over 50 kg and are in good health.

  24. ישראל

    It is possible to donate blood and by the way I will serologically test for corona antibodies

    1. Blood donors organization

      Shalom Israel,
      At this stage, a serological test for corona antibodies is not performed at the time of blood donation.

  25. Cookie

    1 Is it worth coming to donate these days
    2 How to get a travel permit for this purpose
    3. Do a surgeon's examination be performed for each donor to find coronary antibodies?

    1. Blood donors organization

      1. Worthwhile, desirable and allowed are waiting for you
      2. No confirmation is required, if you are arrested you indicate that you are going to donate blood.
      3. No such test is performed because so far it has not been proven that corona is contagious through the blood.

  26. ש

    Hello, if I have had thrombocytopenia (ITP) in the past, can I donate blood?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Please call 03-5300400 and find out

  27. מנוחה

    At the age of 17, an adult must be accompanied for a donation or is parental approval sufficient?
    And are there any special guidelines for the corona period?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Rest in peace, enough to arrive with the signed certificate. The guidelines for the corona period are to arrive with a face mask and nose and keep your distance.
      All donors are protected with masks and cloth suits.

  28. Vicky

    Hi, I wanted to know if it is possible to donate blood the day after drinking alcohol.

    1. Blood donors organization

      Vicki, if you are not drunk, healthy, ate and drank well before the donation, no problem. After the donation it is forbidden to drink for several hours.

  29. Itzhak

    Am I allowed to get a tattoo after donating blood thistles (on the same day)?

    1. Blood donors organization

      It is recommended to wait a day. There is no directive that is not but worth the wait. Just so you know, Isaac, you can not donate half a year later.

  30. poetry

    If I want to know my blood type but I can not donate because of the weight can I come just to check my blood type? If not how can I know him?

    1. Blood donors organization

      You can check with your family doctor about how to know your blood type.

  31. Yishai Whistles

    If I donated a full blood dose, how long can I donate blood components?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hi Yishai, you are allowed after a month. Please also inquire at 03-5300400

  32. Coat

    I am 17 and have parental approval for blood donation.
    But may I be accompanied by another responsible adult?
    Such as: Grandparents, Uncle

  33. May Levy

    Hi, I wanted to know if there was any danger in going to the sea after donating blood.

    1. Blood donors organization

      Because blood donation causes fluid loss, we would not recommend going to the sea dimension immediately after donation, and in any case it is important to drink after donation and during the day as much water as possible. Of course without exaggeration.

  34. Eilat

    Hi I am 16 and I would very much like to donate blood can I do this with parental permission?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hi Eilat, unfortunately only from the age of 17 with parental approval.

  35. my father

    Hello, I wanted to ask about the process of making friends
    A: Does it involve a fee?
    B: Do you get any friend approval, etc.
    C: What are the duties and rights?
    D: Does it require anything?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hello my father,
      There is no charge for joining.
      You get a membership certificate.
      As for Joe D. it happened here

  36. Zvi Yehuda Izbicki

    Is it advisable to donate blood these days? (29/03/20 Corona Period)
    If so, where can you donate to Pisgat Ze'ev?

  37. Michelle

    I'm allowed to donate, but because of quarantine, I can only drive.

    1. Blood donors organization

      Michelle, there is no problem driving a blood donation. Gladly welcomed.

  38. Michael Buzaglo

    Can blood be donated after training?
    Can a vaccine be done the day after a blood donation?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Michael, see our training questions and answers page
      Vaccination should not be a problem. Just mention it to the vaccine provider.

    2. poetry

      If I weigh less than 50 kg I can not donate blood?

      1. Blood donors organization

        Indeed, poetry, unfortunately you can not

  39. to her

    Does a person who needs medical cannabis have a blood donation?
    Or is it okay and you can donate

    1. Blood donors organization

      Please call 03-5300400 in the morning and find out

      1. Sarit

        Can I donate blood if I haven't received menstruation for several months?
        I already donated about a year ago ..

        1. Blood donors organization

          Hello Sarit, please contact us at 03-5300468 this morning for an answer.

  40. poetry

    Is alcohol allowed after donation? If not, how many hours are allowed? And is a low alcohol percentage (such as a glass of beer or wine) a consideration?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Poetry, a great question. You are welcome to call 03-5300400 in the morning and inquire.

    2. Elad

      Where is my last donation date?

      1. Blood donors organization

        Elad, you can find out on 03-5300400.

  41. Zvika Passover

    I donated blood about 10 days ago. I did a blood test today and had low RBC / HB / HCT results / Could it be due to blood donation?

    Thank you - Zvika

    1. Blood donors organization

      Zvika hello, only your doctor can answer it

    2. to her

      What should I bring with me when I come to donate blood

      1. Blood donors organization

        Identification. License, ID Or passport. Eat well and drink enough, good mood and reach

    3. Haneenjbareen

      I'm getting rid of the filmmaker's emoticons.

      1. Blood donors organization

        Didn't understand your question, contributor two weeks?

  42. Doe

    If I take an iron supplement but the proper homoglobin is allowed to donate?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Ayala, Please Berry Phone: 03-5300400

  43. Talia

    I donated a few days ago.
    You may need a blood test for up to two weeks.
    Will Iron / Homoglobin Affect?
    * Isn't it the reason that every 3 month can be donated because it takes time for the body to replenish the blood in the body and therefore will decrease blood levels in the blood test?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Regular blood tests do not lower or change values

      1. Rachel

        If my weight is 49 kg, am I allowed to donate blood?

        1. Blood donors organization

          Hi Rachel, You can donate blood from 50 kg.

  44. And monitoring

    I donated blood this week, and during the routine hemoglobin test in the donation, my level was normal. After a few days, I went for a blood test at a health fund to check vitamin and iron levels, and found that my iron level had dropped sharply since the last test I had done six months ago. Is there a connection between the blood donation I made and the low iron level I discovered after a few days?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hello, there should be no rules at all but it is highly desirable for your doctor to give his professional opinion as we do not have the authority to do so.

  45. ישראל

    If I need a blood test, should I avoid blood donation?
    This is a routine blood test, not a search for special findings.


    1. Blood donors organization

      No, blood donation should not be avoided because of regular testing

  46. Esther

    Is it permissible to donate blood after a blood test? Or is there a time to wait between them?

    1. Blood donors organization

      no prevention.

  47. Tamar Meir

    How long is it allowed to donate after taking Roaccutane?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Shalom Tamar, may donate one month after completion of treatment.

  48. spear

    Is it permissible to donate blood several hours after I have blocked the tooth with anesthesia?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Shalom Hanit. 24 hours after treatment.

      1. Noa

        Is it permissible to donate blood while taking Roacuten?
        Thanks in advance

        1. Blood donors organization

          Noa, please call 03-5300400 in the morning to find out

  49. Lizzie

    What is parental approval?

    1. Blood donors organization

      ZA that the parents need to give you written permission so you can donate.

      1. Sterna

        If I am 16 years old and meet all the other criteria and have parental approval is it okay and will I be allowed to donate? Even if I do not have a few more questions when I turn 17. Do I need to bring an ID card? And will they tell me what kind of blood I am at the end of the process… Thank you.

        1. Blood donors organization

          Hello Sterna,
          Unfortunately, the minimum age for donation is 17 with parental approval. Yes, you and the accompanying parent should come with an ID.
          You can find out the blood type a few days after donating over the phone.

  50. Aliza Sagiv

    Question: Is there a restriction on blood donation after traveling to South Africa? If so-how long?
    Is there an organized list of countries that, after a visit, should avoid blood donation?

    1. Blood donors organization

      Hello Aliza,
      Please call 03-5300400 and receive answers to all your questions.

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