In February 2012, the film "In Your Blood", created by XNUMXth grade students in the communication and film department of ORT Tivon, was screened for the first time.
The initiative for the youth education project and for this film is also of the volunteer, graduate of ORT Singalovsky - Shimon Redlich, That in the period between 2010 and 2012, as part of a casual conversation with a customer at his workplace, a mix company, he discovered that the same customer is an inspector in the Ministry of Education.
Then the idea arose to produce a video on the subject of youth education for the importance of blood donation by the film department at ORT Tivon.

It also turned out that the principal of the high school was Shimon's neighbor in Zichron Yaakov, and from there everything connected with the school's student council.
The producer and professional guide was Ilan Luz.
Supervisor of the Ministry of Education Yossi Bar-David.
Director of the Lilach Shani-Romano School.
A good teacher, Mittelpunkt.

The documentary accompanies a cancer-stricken girl, an Arab resident of one of the villages in the Galilee, who needed blood donations.
ORT-Tivon students documented the annual blood donation campaign of Schminists at their school.
The filmmakers received a certificate of appreciation from the Blood Service for their work. The film was uploaded to the Ministry of Education website.

At your disposal is a training presentation for twelfth graders on the subject of blood donations and its components, produced by the organization of blood donors. Click here to download.

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