You are currently viewing a new website for organizing volunteer blood donors!

New website for organizing blood donors volunteers!


It's finally happening!

We have a brand new website!

Wait ... this is not the new site ... :)
Click to enlarge. Wait… this is not the new site… 🙂

Oops… we got confused… this was our old and old site and a picture will be kept here in memory of days gone by.

The new site… Well… If you are reading this post right now then you are already on the new site.

Some explanations: 

At the top you have a rich and content-rich menu. Under "Organization" you will find information about History of blood donors, When it was established and why and lots of interesting information.
In donor stories .. Well… Obviously… You will find donor stories.
We are also looking for donors to tell their story and you are welcome to write to us on the page "Contact Us“If you are willing to be exposed with your story.

You understood the idea. Continue browsing the menu and stroll through the site for your enjoyment.

Want to stay updated?

Confirm the message that pops up when you enter the site and receive an alert on your computer or mobile device when you publish new content.
You will also be able to register here on the left (Autotact) to our mailing list and you will receive an update via e-mail on every new publication on the site.

Of course the information will also be displayed on our Facebook page.

So… We are proud to present you the site and we will be happy to read your comments below.

See you next donation 😃

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